What is the Challenge?

We challenge you to make a 3 minute film in just 3 days. That includes planning,  filming, editing and upload.



When can we start making our film?

Everybody participating will be making their films at the same time, it will be a great big global filmmaking love-in.

The challenge starts at 3pm Friday  and ends at 3pm Monday 

That means that you can't start filming before 3pm on Friday, and your film has to be in our hands by 3pm Monday.

Can we cheat?

No. You will only be cheating yourself  (and all the other filmmakers). PLUS, we have a way of stopping people from cheating: Our Secret Words.


3 Secret Words

At the beginning of the challenge, we will announce 3 secret words. You will have to include these in three separate scenes. You can interpret that as creatively as you like - for instance, a secret word might be included as an object, a conversation piece, a theme or a part of the dialogue... it is up to you.

We will be announcing the secret objects by email, Facebook and Twitter, so register here and like our Facebook page now to make sure you don't miss out on getting the info.


Which film genres are accepted?

You can make any genre of film, including documentary, fiction, comedy, thriller, action, arthouse, music video, video art.



Who can Participate?

Anyone in the world can enter a film as long as you have followed the Conditions stated here and in the registration document. 


Where will the films be screened?

Your film will be on the big screen at the Buckshot Film Festival which is happening at the Reardon Theatre in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia. It is a family-friendly screening . No explicit content will be screened.

Every 3X3 that meets the conditions will be screened, because we appreciate your effort, no matter how lame your film might turn out to be.


Why would anyone do this?

For the love of it.