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3X3 Challange films

Film Title: Peppa: Dog Super Model

Director: Emily Bissland

Short synopsis: An ordinary maremma dog living in Warrnambool has extraordinary good looks. She is tired of being over-shadowed by the other maremma's living in her small town, and sets about finding fame and fortune

 Film Title: Buck the Beagle

Director: Dennis Earlie

Short synopsis: Dogs love to wander but also are creatures of habit. Buck a family pet goes for his daily morning walk and does not return. Is foul play involved or is this a case of a roaming pooch on the prowl.

 Film Title: The Balloon Girl

Director: Adam Merrett

Short synopsis: Frankie is working on her laptop one day when she gets an email warning her about the mysterious 'Balloon Girl'. She chooses to ignore the warning and must now face the consequences of that choice.

 Film Title: pineapples

Director: Kim Sargent-Wishart

Short synopsis: An experimental short based on Bucky Fuller's text "An autobiographical monologue scenario" (1980).

Film Title: It Came From The Sea

Director: Freya Marriott and Robert Gatt

Short synopsis: It Came From The Sea....and a tidal wave of terror washed ashore.
Long synopsis: Port Fairy townsfolk feast on virus infected fish with nightmarish consequences.

Film Title: Room For Rent

Director: Simon Boyd

Short synopsis: Buck has a room for rent he is looking for a certain caliber of house mate clean.

Film Title: (S)Mother

Director: Josh Sambono

Short synopsis: A lonely woman tries to live out a mother/child relationship with her dog.

Film Title: KittyKoas

Director: Richard Pritchard

Short synopsis: Cat minions are stealing milk and trying to take over the world.” it’s a catastrophe’, but kid detectives save the day.