Film Title: My 2014 Neighbor

Director: Anya Zulueta

synopsis:The first friends you make growing up in a
country like the Philippines are your neighbors.
They are the people you can count on any day of
the week to play games with. Fast forward to the
21st century: the Philippines is the global social
networking capital. The friends you now have are
the ones you see on a monitor or talk to at the tap
of your finger on a phone. My 2014 Neighbor goes
beyond just depicting multiple-screen interactions.
It explores the issue of social dynamics through a
screen: a window screen, and whether it ultimately makes “interactions” mean any less.


Film Title: Little Jacque

Director: John Davide

synopsis: Little Jacque is a whimsical story of a boys sub
aquatic quest. He experiences both wonder and
great fear during his submerged capers. However,
his adventures are really just manifestations of a
boy with his toys during his Sunday night bath.

Film Title:Sonder During End Times

Director: Stephanie Delazeri

synopsis: A kleptomaniac roams a shopping mall,
encountering people and thoughts.

Film Title:The War

Director: Mentor Spahiu

synopsis:After the war, a child expresses his revolt while
facing the consequences.

Film Title:Rosso Papavero

Director: Martin Smatana

synopsis:Once upon a starry night, a small boy with the
head full of fantasies witnesses dreamlike circus
performances. Dazed by endless chain of
glittering attractions he realizes that the price for a
ticket to the fantastic circus tent is too high and
gate between reality and dream is closing.

Film Title:Sunday

Director: Bridget Le May

synopsis:Sunday is a short Australian drama that follows
one day in the life of a lonely and determined
young girl. We watch as our protagonist pits all her
energies into reaching an elusive and
disinterested ice cream truck. Her heart and will
set to the task, she must learn to deal with the
disappointment that she feels when her efforts
offer little reward.

Film Title:Transparency

Director: Daniel Suljic

synopsis: Moving through a world filled with scanners and
surveillance algorithms, while frivolously using
different social networks, online forms and credit
cards, the man of today gives away his privacy
voluntarily. A decent citizen has nothing to hide.
Only criminals do.

Film Title:The Jelly Wrestler

Director: Rebecca Thomson

synopsis: With one last shot at gelatinous glory, washed up
jelly wrestler and barmaid Eileen must grapple
with aging, betrayal and her own jelly wrestling
demons - a task that may well put her down for the

Film Title:Words, Words, Words

Director: Brian P Katz

synopsis: Within the depths of self-loathing and
inadequacy, the poet imagines a preface to

Film Title: Stockholm

Director: Alvaro Martin

synopsis: Writing a school report about your father’s
occupation can be a challenge — especially when
his work is disturbing.



Director: Vijay S. Jodha

synopsis: Set on the edge of India’s Thar Desert and in the
middle of the world’s biggest camel fair, this film looks at the underbelly of one of the most visited and photographed tourist destinations in the world. The film highlights a challenge faced by 2.5 billion
people on our planet everyday – access to
cooking fuel.


Film Title: Children's Allowance

Director:Brian Stynes

synopsis:A mother pledges her welfare payment to keep
her son out of jail


Film Title: e-Social

Director:Natalia Lampropoulou

synopsis:In the near future, rapid evolution of technology
has led humanity in the creation of holograms
identical to dead people.

Film Title:ANT

Director:Hasan Najmabadi

synopsis: Ant

Film Title:Truism

Director:Hamid Taheri

synopsis:A man tries to catch his wife with another man on
tape but things go his cameraman decides to
make a movie out of his life.


Film Title:BEN

Director:Kuesti Fraun

synopsis:About running, about being behind, about big
moments, about daily life..


Director:Kuesti Fraun

synopsis:A description of capacity, as it exists in general
and un/limited nature for man and his environment

Film Title:Nester

Director:Chuck Starzenski

synopsis: man must come to terms with his offspring after a drunken one night stand.


Film Title:The Loss

Director:Dekel Nitzan

synopsis:Joseph, an old winemaker and a hard man. Lost
his son Isaac in the war. When Isaac's
commander shows up at the winery, in order to
return his last belongings, Joseph needs to
confront with repressed feelings of pain and guilt.
Letting an old memory come back to life.

Film Title:Oh, it's no big deal

Director:Gea Gojak

synopsis:This is the story about a girl who keeps waiting
for her boyfriend to meet her. She prepares
surprises, dinners and birthday parties for him but
he never shows up and leaves messages full of
excuses. Since that is the only way we see him, we cannot
read his feelings and they are left to her. Her
feelings change through the course of events and
time from understanding to being offended to the
decision to go on through life which is boiled down
to the simple hope for his coming.

Film Title:Bobby Jones

Director:Alexander Francis

synopsis:In 19th century rural Victoria, a young girl (Tain
Stangret) has become infatuated with the murky
town loner: Bobby Jones (Aston Cochrane).
Against her mother’s plea, the girl agrees to meet
with Jones by an isolated stretch of river.

Film Title:No Way

Director:Maria Pla

synopsis:A man plants a seed in a pot. While watering and
caring the seeds, a strange event triggers an
unexpected result. Surprised to find that in they pots have sprouted
dicks, he turn to the Internet hoping to get rid of
their harvest. Uncannily he find someone who can
help him to get yield of his misfortune.

Film Title:Blackboard

Director:Hyash Tanmoy

synopsis:An illiterate 14-year-old boy becomes an
educator of a slum.

Film Title:Cockroach

Director:Luke Jacobson

synopsis:The joys of a share house do not include the
kitchen. James lives with four other people who,
despite their eccentricities, are adequately clean,
respectful of each others property and do their bit
to make sure the house is a considerate place.
Unfortunately there's another housemate: Tiger. A

Film Title:Angel Cake

Director:Matthew Rooke

synopsis: Angel Cake is a comedy set at a country cake
drive. It tells the story of Jeanie, a woman
struggling to come to terms with loss, and Lurlene,
the incorrigible town busybody who has found a
unique approach to bringing out the best in the
town’s womenfolk…